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EFA Specialist Program

This program is design for already formed players who require that bit more work to readjust their technical and physical game to the continental football and make a player compatible to the available market.

The next intake for the Specialist Programme is on 15 September 2018.


Any period between 16 September 2019 and 14 June 2020


1, 2, or 3 months


EFA is different to other academies in that we believe that the current style of Spanish football is probably one of the most attractive in Europe, and as such we have a specific “Spanish Style” specialist program, where we focus on:

  • Individual technique and constant assessment
  • Tactical knowledge, game understanding and decision making
  • Physical development and healthy lifestyle
  • Mental development, fair play and respect for others.

Our players’ path is progressive, coherent and challenging to allow young players to reach their potential. We aim to impact the training and playing style of our players. We utilise a continental European style of football through:

  • Tactical periodisation
  • Concept of full-athlete
  • Wide-ranging approach

EFA, as a club, maintains the belief in training based on tactical periodisation.  Tactical periodisation is developed around, the “logical structure” of the game and revolves around four key moments:

  • Offensive organisation
  • Transition from attack to defence
  • Defensive organisation
  • Transition from defence to attack.

Every action, regardless of the four moments of the game in which it might happen, involves a decision (the tactical dimension), an action or motor skill (the technical dimension) that requires a particular movement (physiological dimension) and is directed by volitional and emotional states (psychological dimension).  This implies that the tactical, technical, physiological and psychological elements are never trained independently; everything is included with the main emphasis being that every exercise is organised around (at least) one of the four moments of the game and the tactical principles of play. Many of our training exercises are organised around using two, three or even all four moments of the game.

We believe the future is the “all-around athlete”, someone with tactical expertise and an understanding of their sport (tactical level), with an advanced technical level (technique), that is highly developed in terms of the coordinative and conditional (strength, resistance, speed and agility) capacities, with the ability to make excellent decisions under high levels of stress and pressure and is highly motivated and disciplined (psychological).

We also believe that applying this kind of methodology creates universal football athletes of the future.


Any period between 15 September 2018 and 15 June 2019


Players are accommodated in the seaside area of Roses/Empuriabrava, Costa Brava. Players are taken care of from the moment they arrive at the airport; their transfer to the Academy is organised by EFA.

Accommodation and Meals

Teams are accommodated in a 3 star or 4 star hotel, depending on the programme selected. In both cases, double or triple rooms with private bathrooms are provided. We provide players with a sport adjusted breakfast and buffet for lunch and dinner.

Read more in the Accommodation and Dining section


The Academy uses the best sports facilities in Roses and Empuriabrava, which include a natural grass football stadium, three artificial turf football pitches, two outdoor swimming pools, two indoor swimming pools and a professional weights room.


We care deeply about the security and well-being of our young players and for that reason, all of them are under 24 hour supervision.


Only qualified international football coaches work with players on developing their football fundamentals.

Medical Care

Doctors are available 24/7 during the program upon of players request for players with EU medical insurance.

Free Time

Numerous activities have been organised for players during their spare time, from an excursion to Girona FC stadium and swimming school for non-swimmers to Flamenco dance nights and beach visits.

Sports Gear

EFA branded Nike sportswear is provided for all players and coaches, which includes home and away shirts, shorts and socks.

Payment Options

We accept payments by bank transfer or cash on arrival when a deposit has been paid by bank transfer.

Usual Daily Schedule

08:00 am Wake up, shower, breakfast
09:00 am Dynamic warm-up with performance coaches
09:45 am On camp skill development
12:00 am Lunch and rest
14:00 pm Performance training
14:30 pm Competitive training, specific skill training and shooting clinics
16:30 pm Pool recovery/physio treatments
17:45 pm Laundry
19:00 pm Dinner
20:00 pm Personal or activity time
22:00 pm Bed time


1 Month                  €1,950                              Apply Now
2 Months                €3,750                              Apply Now
3 Months                €5,250                              Apply Now

Airport Transfers
  • Barcelona €200
  • Girona €100

Apply Now


The application process is initiated once the online application form has been completed; our legal department will then create a contract agreement and send it to the player within 24 hours.

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